Sunday, August 19, 2012

new baby brother sam :]

Samuel Hipilito Garcia was born June 10, 2012.  He is growing very fast.  He had jaundice and it has having trouble gaining weight .He is fine now  but he did not like it one bit. he had to go under the lights. We are having trouble with him we can`t do any thing because he wants to be held. He loves to see and  his family he loves to smile.He loves to spend time with his family he is a mama`s boy he can be trouble he dos not like to sleep he stays up with mama all the time. He loves to be walked with  especially  outside he loves be in the sun or the heat. We love to play with him his personalty is very funny he loves to babble for fun my.  Crazy sister Chloe likes to pretend she is a ventriloquist with him. He likes to be in his swing  but the batteries on the swing ran out but they are rechargeable but h Dad has a full time job so it is  hard to deal with so we set the swing up in front of the couch and push it. He  had tied a knot in his umbilical cord  and when he dropped it tightened and they lost his heart rate mom had to have a emergency c- section. We were worried but he was fine. he is now fine and better than better than ever. here are some pictures of him.the first one is him a few minutes after he was born. the second one is a picture of him a 2 hours after he was born. the third one is a picture of him in a new out fit.:)


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